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Area Highlight

Elblag is a city conveniently located between two geographical regions: the Vistula Lowlands and the Elblag Highlands. Enormous variety of Elblag’s surroundings enable to practice various forms of rest: canoeing, cycling and  Nordic walking. Also the city of Elblag with its monuments is very attractive place. Elblag’s Old Town is one of the biggest in Europe excavation terrain. New houses are built on foundations of old buildings exposed by archaeologist. Their shapes are modeled by medieval structures. You can spend hours touring the old town admiring the mediaeval buildings and styled reconstructed tenement – houses. 

Among Elblag’s monuments really worthy recommendation are:

  • Market Tower is the only remnant of Elblag’s city walls. The lower part of the tower was built in 1319 year. The gate is guarded by the legendary baker-boy, who saved the city against Teutonic Knights.
  • Saint Nicolas Cathedral – through centuries this temple was rebuild and modernized several times. Inside you will find plenty of artworks, especially an interesting bronze font from 1387 year and a wooden altar from 1515 year.
  • Galeria EL - contemporary art centre located in the XIII century Dominican St. Mary Church. Before the Second World War it was the most important Protestant church in the city.
  • Elblag Archaeology and History Museum – on its courtyard there is a gothic column, the only remains after the Teutonic Castle destroyed by Elblag’s people in 1454 year. In the museum you can see among other things exhibition of elblag’s handy craft as well as relicts from excavations.
  • Church Path -  in the past, the path linked two churches: the Saint Nicolas Cathedral and Dominican Church. Nowadays the only original fragment remained between Saint Ghost Street and Bridge Street. The Path is closed at night.
  • Bażantarnia  is a beautiful forest complex at the outskirts of the city, ideal for long walks. It stretches out into 369 ha .

Elblag is excellent base for traveling to different, interesting places near by:

  • Malbork is a town well known in the world due to mediaeval Teutonic Castle, once it was the seat of the Teutonic Order.
  • Frombork is famous by historical splendid buildings of the Cathedral Hill as well as Nicolas Copernicus - an astronomer, who lived and worked in this town.
  • Vistula Spit is the narrow scarp of land between Baltic Sea and the Vistula Lagoon, overgrown by pine-forests. There are plenty of gold beaches. Popular attractions of a Vistula Spit are hikes through “Amber Route”, which leads from Mikoszewo till Camel’s Back - the peninsula largest dune, 49 meters above sea level.
  • Kadyny it is the place, where in historical atmosphere of baroque splendid palace – formerly Prussian Emperor summer residence – anyone can take advantage of horse riding.
  • To take the extraordinary journey by the ship and feel how it moves on the grass – the best solution is to come to Elblag and from this city start journey through water canal Elblag – Ostróda. On this route there are the only one in the Europe, unique hydrotechnic plants – incline planes, they help traveling ships to climb up about 100 m on a distance of 9,6 km.
  • Sztutowo during the Second World War in that village was located the Nazi concentration camp. In Stutthof camp 110,000 people were kept imprisoned. Today the National Museum Stuffhof is the memorial place for the 65,000 Poles, Jews, Russians and people of other nationalities, who died here.
    The admission to the museum is free. Museum exhibitions are daily opened: from 1 May to 30 September: 8.00 - 18:00 and from 1 October to 30 April: 8.00 - 15:00.

Elblag Old City :

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